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customer reaction. andrew romans is part of georgetown angels, an investment group funding technology startup. he's author of the entrepreneurial bible to venture capital, inside secrets from the leaders in the start-up game and jennifer hill is a venture attorney at gunderson, debt mer and an entrepreneur yourself. you counsel lofts entrepreneurs. now you need to write a book. >> apparently i do. >> next time i'll have the book. >>> john, we'll start with you. when you talk about liability, you have to think of bars. >> we're in the risk management business but this redefines risk. by the nature of this business. i'm not an attorney but i would wonder where you can define neglect by creating an environment neglectfully where somebody could get hurt versus them hurting themselves. i don't know that legal distinction. i know that a slippery floor, i hard floor, an unlit step, somebody with a big device in their hand all spell lawsuits, all spell danger. when i look at a businesslike this, i see a conscientious entrepreneur who started a business she believes in. but the nature of the b
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)